How To Apply For VISA Card? [$50 Instant Withdrawable Bonus]

You can spend your Cryptocurrencies anywhere you want with VISA cards of, one of the most popular cryptocurrency platforms.

CryptoCom VISA Card

If you write “alp” in the promo code section after typing your e-mail address while signing up and if you stake 50 MCO for 6 months, you get an instant withdrawable bonus of $50. You can get back your 50 MCO after 6 months, at the same time your card application is made. $50 Bonus Code: alp

You can download the official application of’un from App Store or Play Store.

How to Apple for a Card?

To earn an instant withdrawable $50 bonus by applying for a card on, you need to apply for a minimum “Ruby Steel” card (the red one). You must have 50 MCO in your account during the card application. You can buy MCO from Binance exchange and transfer it to your account or you can get 50 MCO directly with your credit card via mobile application. If you purchase with a credit card, some banks may charge an extra fee because they view this transaction as a cash advance, I recommend you buy 50 MCOs on Binance and transfer it to your account.

If you register on the Binance exchange here or write the promotional code (W3A09BGZ) as you can see in the picture, you will get 20% discount on lifetime commissions.

Binance %20 Discount Code: W3A09BGZ

This is the steps you need to follow after you have at least 50 MCOs in your account.

  1. We click on the place that says “Card” on the homepage.

2. In the menu that opens, we press the “View or Upgrade” button. The reason we do this is, if we apply for the “Midnight Blue” card, we cannot win a $50 prize. We will choose the “Ruby Steel” card to win the $50 prize.

3. We press the “Upgrade to Ruby Steel” button on the page that opens.

4. On the page that opens, we are informed that we will lock MCOs for 6 months. We can get the 50 MCO back after 6 months. We continue by pressing the “Continue” button at the bottom of the page

5. We continue by pressing the “Purchase & Hold MCO for 6 Months” button at the bottom.

6. At this stage, if you still do not have an MCO in your account, you can add your credit card information and get MCO from the place indicated by the arrow. We continue by clicking the “Review Upgrade” button at the bottom of the page.

7. We continue by pressing the “Confirm” button to confirm the operation.

8. Finally, we enter the password we created when we first installed to confirm the transaction.

9. On the last page, we receive the notification that our card application has been completed. If you wrote “alp” in the promo code section after typing your e-mail address while registering, you instantly earn a $50 prize at this stage. You can instantly withdraw the $50 you earn.





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