Guide| How to Buy Bitcoin and Altcoin? [2020]

How to Buy Bitcoin and Altcoin?

How Can I Buy Bitcoin and Altcoin?

You can buy your cryptocurrency with multiple methods. Let’s start with how you can get the most used method from crypto exchanges. Bitcoin price is not determined by a particular company, institution, state or central bank. According to the balance of supply and demand, the price occurs on cryptocurrency exchanges. You can buy and sell Bitcoin and 585 Altcoins in Binance, which is the most popular cryptocurrency exchange worldwide.

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How Can I Buy Bitcoin With Credit Card?

You can buy Bitcoin and Altcoin with a credit card, but it is not a very popular method. The reason for this, you usually need to pay more when you want to buy with credit card. Apart from this, although it varies from bank to bank, some banks also receive a commission from these transactions. When calculating this commission, you can think of it as the interest of withdrawing cash advance. You can use the Binance exchange again in this method, which is generally preferred by people who invest in very small amounts for the first time.

Is There A Physical Exchange Office Where I Can Buy Bitcoin?

As an alternative to using cryptocurrency exchanges to trade Bitcoin and Altcoin, physical exchange office locations continue to increase day by day. While the price in cryptocurrency exchanges is determined by the supply-demand balance, generally in such physical points, cryptocurrency prices are calculated by taking of average price of Bitcoin and putting commission on it. Commission rates are usually around 3%, it can be lower depending on the volume of the transaction. Places that allow this type of trading are generally preferred by tourists.

Is There An ATM Where I Can Buy Bitcoin and Altcoin?

Currently, there are 6,000 Bitcoin ATMs serving worldwide. Usually these ATMs serve for Bitcoin and some Altcoins. Commission rates are usually up to 10% in some cases, because of this, usually preferred by first time cryptocurrency traders or tourists. If you are wondering how to use Bitcoin ATMs, you can find a detailed video about this subject here.

Bitcoin ATM


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