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The $YAM project, whose code was released unaudited and locked in $500 million in cryptocurrencies in a very short time, failed due to a software problem. According to price data from CoinGecko, the price of $ YAM has dropped from $ 167 to $ 0.94.

CryptoCom, one of the most popular crypto money platforms, announced that it will sell a total of $ 2 million worth of Bitcoin on September 8 with a 50% discount to celebrate the transition to the next step of the exchange process. You can sign up here to join the campaign.

With the popularity of DeFi applications, transaction fees in the Ethereum network have reached an all-time high.

Coinbase users will be able to take out loans in cash by locking their Bitcoins as collateral.

Binance’s next IEO event will take place on August 14 for the Sandbox (SAND) project. Participation in the event has begun for those holding BNB on Binance.


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